Virtual Programs

Virtual Programs

Keeping Fit, Regardless of Where You Are

Kerboomkidz is bringing our signature dance, fitness, and self development programs to you ONLINE… anytime, anyplace! You will have the ability to access pre-recorded AND register to live programs!


Looking for a fun, interactive program for your library OR camp? Kerboomkidz is a great way to help kids of all ages learn how to work together in a supportive environment. Contact us today for special pricing or to learn more about how we can come to your library or camp!


  • KerboomKidz Dance

  • KerboomKidz Fit Classes

  • KerboomKidz Yoga

  • KerboomKidz Social & Emotional Learning

  • KerboomKidz Fun Activities & Games

To keep your child learning & building their skills; we wanted to build upon that with physical activities for not just your child but for your whole family!

During this time, it is so key to not to forget about fueling our bodies and stay active!

Through our virtual platform, you can experience all the hypness that KerboomKidz brings in your very own home! YES, we said it! KerboomKidz in your very own home!

Such items as games, routines, social & emotional activities, exercise, challenges, simple healthy cooking recipes, contest and much more! Not to mention a great way for kids to reconnect with friends and classmates!